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Our Best Services are :

Providing Statistical Inputs in Clinical Trail Protocol

Sample Size Calculation and Justification

Providing Randomization Schedules for Clinical Trials

Reviewing the CRF (Case Report Form) and provide inputs to CDM (Clinical Data Management) Team

Prepares, Reviews and Approves SAP (Statistical Analysis Plan)

Statistical Programming (Preparing TLF’s)

Finalizing TLF’s

Prepares, Reviews and Approves SAR (Statistical Analysis Report)

Providing Statistical Inputs for CSR (Case Study Report)

Croissance Research


Our strong team of biostatisticians and statistical programmers produce high quality, reproducible, timely analysis, and reporting of clinical trials results across all therapeutic areas.
All our statisticians and statistical programmer receive ongoing, intensive training in the company to deliver premium biostatistical services.

Our statisticians and programmers work closely with clients to make sure contents of all statistical packages meet client needs as well as those of regulatory bodies.
Well designed and well executed biostat principles are critical to successful clinical trials data consistency and accuracy.

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