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Some of the key areas of support include:

Project Management

Protocol Review

Data Management Plan

CRF Desigining, Annotations, Completion Guidliness

Database Design, Build and Test

Edit Check Programming and Checking

Data Validation and Query Management

Coding Services

Croissance Research

Clinical Data Management

We facilitate the process of collecting, validating and preparing the data towards statistical analysis for clinical trails.

With our working methods and solid data management principles you can be confident your clinical trail will be delivered on time with highly reliable, clean and quality data.

We always strive for real time readiness and keep our customers up to date with performance through out the project.

We deliver that our uncompromising commitment to excellence, cost effective, quality and best data management services.

Our team is experienced and exposed in handling both paper and eCRF based studies. More over the team is flexible in adopting to the Sponsor specific tools to manage their data.

The robust SOP’s enable us to be on par with any of the leading players in the industry in terms of Quality deliverables.

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