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About Us

Croissance Clinical Research is the name where expanding the boundaries of Trust.

The Indian pharmaceutical industry is growing at a high pace and becoming the third-largest in the world by volume and 14th-largest in terms of value. It means implementing high-quality treatment by the right person at the right time with having a proper understanding of the disease will be important. Here, clinical research organizations (CROs) will play a vital role in supporting the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry in their drug development journey.

Croissance Research

Services We Offer

Why Choose us ?

Exceptional clinical research services adhering to industry standards

As an efficient Bio Pharmaceutical service provider, Croissance Clinical Research specialises in full service CRO support to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical devices companies.

We manage your clinical requirements through innovative technologies, intelligent process, technical expertise and consistency in quality. Our commitment towards reliable efficiency ensures safe therapeutics and assures maximum returns on R&D investments, so that you can confidently develop safe and effective therapy.

  • Croissance has extensive reach into Asia & Africa.
  • More than 12 years of vaccine trail experience in Phase I to IV.
  • Well trained & experienced resource in vaccine studies in Africa and Asia.
  • Resource with local regulatory & regional presence.
  • Vast network of clinical study sites in Asia & Africa.
  • One stop for all services in clinical trails.
  • Capability building with naive sites.
  • Training and development of resource & sites in vaccine domain.
  • Robust Clinical Data Management.

Our Approach


Our promise is to deliver the best quality of data.


We take pride for delivering on time.


Highest ethical standards.


Providing customised working models.


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Bringing advancements in biomedical research and shaping a better future in healthcare