Project Experience :

Croissance has been fortunate to support multiple pharmaceutical companies across the globe for their vaccine trials. In last decade CCR has conducted more than 25 trials across the world on the vaccines that had been developed for Chikungunya, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis E, Japanese Encephalitis, Cholera, Pentavalent, Rabies, Rotavirus, COVID and Typhoid conjugate etc. CCR team understands the specific challenges that are associated in vaccine studies and are trained to come out with a unique strategy in order to meet client's expectations with regards to timelines, cost and quality standards. CCR team takes pride for the trials that they have successfully completed over the years and which very well reflects from the repeat customers that they have been serving.

During the current COVID pandemic more than 500 million people had got infected and around 6.2 million people died due to COVID related complications till early 2022. It was a time of high unmet need to rapidly develop an effective Page | 9 and safe vaccine where CCR stood shoulder by shoulder with its clients and successfully completed 3 COVID trials which included 1 integrated development of Phase 2/3 and now supporting their post registration commitment. The trend of new vaccine development for COVID will continue considering ineffectiveness of the current vaccines towards the mutated newer variants of the SAR-COV-2 virus & CCR team is ready to take up any trial irrespective of its complexity to make this world a safer place for humanity.

Project Manager - Your Go-To Person for the Trial :-

Build Up

  • Timelines
  • Study Plans
  • Teams & Vendors


  • Study Documents
  • Investigators
  • Patient Recruitment


  • Identification
  • Analysis
  • Response


  • Sponsors
  • Study team
  • Sites
  • Vendors

Monitoring & Performance

  • Clear targets to achieve
  • Synchronization and cooperation among stakeholders
  • Achieve high performance, & best quality
  • Prevent & timely manage risk

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